10.30AM @ The URC, Middle Hall, 53 Rowfant Rd, Balham, SW17 7AP

If you are looking for a church or exploring the Christian faith you are very welcome at our church. It can be daunting coming to a Sunday service for the first time whether coming on your own or with other people. 

Our Sunday gatherings are the time when everyone comes together, however good or bad their week has been, to encourage one another and ultimately to meet with God in worship, teaching and ministry.

Before the Service

From 10.15am we serve awesome Coffee, a selection of teas, Pastries and Fruit.  This is great opportunity to come meet some of us, find out more about the church and connect with friends and people who

The service will start with a time of worship, which lasts for about 20 minutes. Feel free to stand, sing and join in with our worship or you are welcome to sit, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.  After worship, the young people will go to their groups, From February youth work work begins after the Worship time.   We are hoping to start Kid’s church as soon as we have a number of families join us.

The service starts with singing some songs of worship that are led by one of our bands. Following this there will be a brief welcome and news section. The speaker for that week will then give a relevant, Bible-based talk. We finish the service with a song and the opportunity for people to be prayed for. We normal finish around 12.15pm

After the Service

After the service, please make your way over to the Information Desk, where you can chat to some of our team grab a free Vineyard Worship CD and ask any questions you might have and discover other helpful information. You’ll also have time to grab another drink and any food that’s left over.