Bags of Blessings

Bags of Blessings is a simple project giving practical items to homeless people, rough sleepers or Big Issue sellers.
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This is not about one person trying to do a lot, but many of us each doing a little to make a big difference for our city. You may not want or able to give money, but would like to help people you pass in your community or on your commute to work. When you give someone a Bag of Blessing, they are getting some practical items they can use and benefit from.

Are you able to help people in our community by donating the items listed or create a collection point at your work, school, gym, coffee shop etc.

Get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Each Bag contains some or all of the following practical items:
Toothpaste / Toothbrush
Handwash / Soap
Contacts of local Shelters/Hostels etc.
Snack Bar
Women’s sanitary items (on request)
During the winter months we are always needing the following items: