What does prayer look like for our for our nation, for our city, for our community, for our workplaces, for our families, friendships & home? Teach us, Lord, how to pray.

This January we launch our house of prayer and as a body of Christ, a collective of people who have been brought together into community – let’s increase our intensionality of connection with the Father.

How it works

The House of Prayer is for everyone to get involved.

You choose to do an individual prayer slot where you can spend an hour praying alone or you choose a time where a few people will gather to pray corporately.

There will be interactive and creative stations within the prayer space which can be used to inspire you with your prayers.
If you have never been involved in a prayer space before why not challenge yourself to spend an hour in there.

8 til 8 

Everyday 8am-8pm gives you chance to sign up to an individual prayer slot.  Whether you want to sit in silence, interact with the prayer stations around the room, or gather a few people together, these slots are amazing for having the space to journey deeper into God’s heart.


Every evening 8pm-9pm there will be a specific themed hour. This gives us chance to focus the prayer time on a skill to learn or situation, area or topic to pray for. There will also be extended times of worship and intercession as well as other creative prayer happenings. Check out the different themes and be sure to sign up.

Balham outreach – PrayLoveGo

Every Sunday 6pm-8pm we’re going to disperse from ReStore and head out onto the streets of Balham to bring more of God’s Kingdom to the local area. Come and join us as we offer prayer and share God’s love through random acts of kindness.

Prayer Launch January Visual

ReStore Base, Balham


Contact Lu Hardy on 020 8935 5456 or [email protected]